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This is for our Wigan hypnosis service only. For other Lancashire hypnotherapy branches, e.g. Leigh, click on the Branchfinder link.

Our Wigan hypnotherapist – a short profile:

Therapist: Stan Barnes
Practising for: 33 years
National Smoking Cessation Institute: Associate member, 4 years
Other information: Stan is of an age now where he enjoys helping smokers in his retirement from a previous career, and this is why we are able to make Wigan our low-cost hypnotherapy branch for this part of Lancashire.

Directions for appointments at our Wigan hypnotherapy branch:

From the centre of Wigan take the A49 Warrington Road south west. At the roundabout turn right into Highfield Grange Avenue. The branch is at the junction with Sidmouth Grove. Coming from Skelmersdale, take the B5132 / A577 through Up Holland and Orrell, then at Wigan turn right onto the A49 Warrington Road. At the large roundabout, turn right into Highfield Grange Road.

A client comment about our Wigan hypnotherapist:

"Stan was very thorough, asking questions and finding out the reasons for me smoking and my reasons for wanting to stop. He was patient and a good listener and pleasant. I would recommend him." DC. Standish

It's a good idea to have a chat with Stan, our Wigan hypnotist, before you make an appointment.

You have landed on this page because you are considering stopping smoking at our Wigan hypnotherapy branch. You will probably want to learn more about how hypnosis works, and to do that you should certainly read the information about it we provide on the other pages you will see linked from this one. The next stage will be to talk with a counsellor at our national advice service on 0121 318 9318 or 0845 345 2092. If we feel we can help you, we will arrange for our Wigan hypnotist call you for a chat about your problems with stopping smoking, and the way they work.

We believe, like you do, that the relationship between client and therapist needs to be a good one, so Stan, our Wigan hypnotherapist, will be happy to have this conversation before either of you commits. Having done that, by the time you arrive for your appointment you will both know it is likely to go well.

One piece of advice we want to offer here is that when you are with our hypnotherapist in Wigan you don't miss the opportunity to ask them anything you might still be unsure about. It is important, for example, that you have a good appreciation of how the therapy is going to work, and Stanley will be happy to go through that again if necessary.

Our Wigan hypnotherapy branch is an integral part of National Stop Smoking Centres, and we work as a team with all of our therapists, which is perhaps one of the reasons you are coming to us for help, as opposed to seeing an independent Wigan hypnotist. We want to emphasise here that we are NOT a referral service, and that we provide a service through our national network of members because we know that teamwork produces better results. If you are looking to stop smoking in Lancashire with hypnosis, we trust you will appreciate this difference.

Wigan stop-smoking therapists and the National Health Service.

When you're looking for help with quitting smoking, you naturally think of the NHS first. This is completely understandable, not just because you go to your GP for other health problems, but because they advertise their Wigan smoking cessation service so heavily. The issue is not, though, whether you go private or to the NHS but what each sector can offer you. The NHS doesn't provide therapy for smokers, so if you want to stop smoking with the help of hypnosis in Wigan there is no choice but to go private for it, and that is why we are here.

Why is the fee in our Wigan hypnosis branch so low?

Because Wigan has specifically been established as our low-cost branch for in Lancashire, as part of our policy of providing a service that as many smokers as possible can afford.

A case history from our Wigan hypnosis branch.

Maurice had recently suffered two bereavements in quick succession. These serious stressors have to be taken into account, even though stopping smoking might seem unconnected with bereavement. Our Wigan hypnotherapist constructed a session that worked for Maurice as a bereaved smoker, and he found that despite his stress he was successful in stopping without using that as an excuse. Stress is the most common single factor that makes people start smoking again, and bereavement is of course the biggest stressor of all, so following the death of someone very close the ex-smoker is likely to turn to cigarettes in the mistaken belief that it is somehow going to make them feel better.

The fact that smoking is never going to help when you are under stress is one of the most important lessons you need to learn, and it's not helped by the fact that almost everyone believes that smoking is a relaxant, and for that reason excusable, when you come under stress. So you are going to have to think about this before your hypnotherapy session.

Maurice stopped smoking with our Wigan hypnotist, and even though he had other stressors that came up they were not enough to make him smoke again this time.

A stop-smoking tip from our Wigan hypnosis branch.

It may sound like we are stating the obvious, but if there is no benefit to smoking any given cigarette then there is no reason to do so. Most of the cigarettes you smoke you light without a reason, and certainly without questioning the benefit. You smoke, so you smoke. Given how much you want to stop, you would be well advised to question this approach. The next time you find yourself holding a cigarette, before you light it try this experiment first. With the unlit cigarette in your mouth, ask yourself what benefit it is going to give you. The question buys you time. It is a good way to force yourself to stop and think. It might well be that you will light that cigarette a few minutes later, but if you did this every time, and instead of smoking, say, twenty a day you smoke fifteen, you have resolved 25% of your smoking problem.

Wigan hypnosis branch news, 20/1/2017.

The fee remains the same for 2017 at £80. We review fees at each branch every year, to make sure we are providing sufficient income for ourselves so that we can keep providing our service to the public, and our commitment to providing that service at a cost that as many people as possible can afford to help them to stop smoking. We have decided, in this case, to keep Wigan as our low-cost hypnotherapy branch for Lancashire for at least the coming year.

Are hypnotists and hypnotherapists the same?

Our Wigan hypnotherapist is called that because he provides therapy, whereas someone calling themselves a hypnotist might not. Google doesn't appear to differentiate; if you searched for Wigan hypnotists it will have assumed you also want to see hypnotherapists, which of course you did, even if you didn't necessarily know if there is a difference. Any hypnotist working in our field is going to refer to themselves as a stop-smoking hypnotherapist in Wigan, although it is true to say that most Wigan hypnotists offer smoking cessation hypnosis, even if they don't necessarily specialise in it, which of course all NSSC branch therapists do.

A stop-smoking tip from our Wigan hypnosis branch.

We have helped many thousands of smokers, and one thing we have found that most don't know the difference between addiction and dependence. You may yourself never have thought about it, but many years of research by our sister organisation, the National Smoking Cessation Institute, has demonstrated that the more you understand your problems the more successful you are likely you are to stop smoking. The job of our Wigan hypnotist is in part to help you to overcome your psychological dependence on smoking, but hypnotherapy works so well because by doing that it helps you to beat the addiction to nicotine too. Put simply, this is because by believing you don't need to smoke you won't need to respond to the addiction. We have a video about this, which you will find linked on the home page of this site, and it will pay you to watch it before you see our hypnotherapist.

Is NSSC better than other hypnotists in Wigan?

We are of course better than many, but we can't say we're the best, partly because there is no way of comparing us with other Wigan hypnotists and partly because what does better or best mean anyway? We set high standards for therapy, standards that are constantly monitored at every branch, so you can be sure our Wigan hypnotist is not only as good as any you will find but he is regularly assessed for the quality of the service he provides as part of the NSSC team.
It isn't possible to compare services for smoking cessation in Wigan provided by the NHS with therapy, because therapy, by definition, will always work better than pharmaceutical products. Therefore every Wigan hypnotist has this advantage to start with.

If you are looking for the National Health Service, and have landed on iur website, please note that the NHS is unable to provide stop-smoking therapy in Wigan, whereas of course we do. However, here are some further resources for stopping smoking in Lancashire:

For a list of more Lancashire stop-smoking resources visit Stop Smoking UK.

If you feel acupuncture is the best stop-smoking therapy for your needs, but we don't yet provide it at our branch in Wigan, the place to look is the website of the British Acupuncture Council.

If you don't believe that therapy works better than pharmaceutical products, you can get nicotine replacement products (NRPs) at any pharmacy or even supermarket, but if you want to take Champix, which is a much more serious product, you will have to get a prescription. Ask your GP, or contact:

Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust 01744 814 837

Wigan Council 0800 022 4332.


We find many smokers are heavy drinkers. We are now part of The Doctor Richard Mackarness Foundation. whose primary service is Addiction Management Centres for alcohol. This is a new service being developed throughout the UK during 2017. For some preliminary information, and location of the Centre closest to Wigan: click here.
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