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This information is for all of our therapies, including hypnotherapy in Welwyn Garden City. For Hertford, St Albans or other Hertfordshire hypnotherapy services, use the Branchfinder.

Directions for appointments at our Welwyn Garden City hypnotherapy branch:

The branch is opposite the back of the cricket club. Heading south-east on the A1000 Hertford Road, turn right at the roundabout into Bessemer Road, then turn second right into Knightsfield. Coming from Hatfield, drive north on the A1000 Chequers, go straight on at the first roundabout, and at the second roundabout continue on the A1000, which is now called Broadwater Road. Stay on this road through several other roundabouts, and immediately after Digswell Park turn left into Knightsfield.

Our Welwyn Garden City hypnotherapist – a short profile:

Therapist: Heather Denny
Practising for: 9 years
National Smoking Cessation Institute: Full member, 8 years
Other information: Heather specialised in helping people to stop smoking right from the beginning of her practice, because she found the work so rewarding.

A client comment about our Welwyn hypnosis service:

'Very helpful and explained the hypnosis. I was very pleased with the outcome. LL, Welwyn

It's a good idea to have a chat with Heather, our Welwyn Garden City hypnotist, before you make an appointment.

You have arrived on this page because you are considering stopping smoking at our Welwyn hypnotherapy branch. You will probably want to learn more about how hypnosis works, and to do that you should certainly read the information about it we provide on the other pages you will see linked from this one. The next stage will be to talk with a counsellor at our national advice service on 0121 318 9318. If we are sure we can help you, we will arrange for our Welwyn hypnotist call you for a chat about your problems with stopping smoking, and the way they work.

We believe, like you do, that the relationship between client and therapist needs to be a good one, and for this reason Heather, our Welwyn hypnotherapist, will be happy to have this conversation before either of you commits. Having done that, by the time you arrive for your appointment you will both know it is likely to go well.

One piece of advice we want to offer here is that when you are with our hypnotherapist in Welwyn you don't miss the opportunity to ask them anything you might still be unsure about. It is important, for example, to have an appreciation of how the therapy is going to work, and Heather will be happy to go through that again if necessary.

Our Welwyn Garden City hypnotherapy branch is an integral part of National Stop Smoking Centres, and we work as a team with all of our therapists, which is perhaps one of the reasons you are coming to us for help, as opposed to seeing an independent Welwyn hypnotist. We want to emphasise here that we are NOT a referral service, and that we provide a service through our national network of members because we know that teamwork produces better results. If you are looking to stop smoking in Hertfordshire with hypnosis, we trust you will appreciate this difference.

If you are going to have acupuncture, of course all the above will also apply, and we can have our Welwyn acupuncturist call you to get started on this.

Welwyn Garden City stop-smoking therapists and the National Health Service.

When you're looking for help with quitting smoking, you naturally think of the NHS first. This is completely understandable, not just because you go to your GP for other health problems, but because they advertise their Welwyn smoking cessation service so heavily. The issue is not, though, whether you go private or to the NHS but what each sector can offer you. The NHS doesn't provide therapy for smokers, so if you want to stop smoking with acupuncture or hypnosis in Welwyn Garden City there is no choice but to go private for it, and that is why we are here.

How our Welwyn acupuncturist will help you to stop smoking.

You might not be familiar with how acupuncture works specifically in smoking cessation, so here is a quick explanation. Because you are addicted to nicotine, you need to smoke to satisfy the craving, and because of that you come to believe you NEED to smoke and can't stop. Acupuncture relieves the withdrawal symptoms you get when you don't smoke, and this works because if you don't have a craving it is easy simply to not smoke. When you attend our Welwyn acupuncture branch you will have multiple treatments, depending on the way we work there. Our acupuncturist in Welwyn, for example, will give you three treatments, and you may need all of these to stop smoking completely or you may only need the last one for reassurance.

A case history from our Welwyn hypnosis branch.

Margaret was very overweight when she came to see us, in part as a consequence of a previous attempt to stop smoking. She had put on more than one and a half stone on that occasion, but she didn’t lose any of the weight she had put on when she started smoking again. Luckily for her, we were able to figure out why she had put on so much weight and help her with that as a separate issue, all as a part of her stop-smoking treatment. (We will always help with weight problems, because it's no good helping someone to stop smoking by putting on a lot of weight, because they will naturally just start again to try to lose the weight.)

In fact most people don't gain weight when they stop smoking, but if you do we do understand the issues, so you must tell us if this happens, and we will resolve the problem for you as part of our guaranteed AfterCare support.

In Maureen's case, once she had dealt with the smoking with our Welwyn hypnotist we worked with her from our AfterCare office to give her advice no-one had ever given her before, not excluding her GP.

Welwyn hypnosis branch news, 20/1/2017.

The fee here has been increased slightly for this year, and is now £210. We review fees at each branch every year, to make sure we are providing sufficient income for ourselves to maintain our service to the public, and our commitment to providing that service at a cost that as many people as possible can afford to help them to stop smoking. The other factor we tend to take into consideration is the cost of tobacco. We ask for a commitment from our clients that is commensurate with what they are going to be saving by stopping smoking. The price of cigarettes goes up every year, and taking this into consideration helps us to continue our work at a cost that most smokers can afford.

Are hypnotists and hypnotherapists the same?

Our Welwyn Garden City hypnotherapist is called that because she provides therapy, whereas someone calling themselves a hypnotist might not. Google doesn't seem to differentiate, because if you search for Welwyn hypnotists it assumes you also want to see hypnotherapists, which of course you do, even if you didn't necessarily know if there is a difference. Any hypnotist working in our field is going to refer to themselves as a stop-smoking hypnotherapist in Welwyn Garden City, or something similar to that, although it is true to say that the great majority of Welwyn hypnotists offer smoking cessation hypnosis, even if they don't necessarily specialise in it, which of course all NSSC branch therapists do.

A comparison of fees for therapy for stopping smoking in Welwyn Garden City.

When you are looking for therapy to help you to stop smoking, the cost is not likely to be the only factor you will take into account but it might be the major one. Many of our clients say they want to come to us particularly because they want to be seen by a hypnotist who works within a national organisation, with all the assurance that gives them, but if our charges were much higher than independent Welwyn hypnotherapists it would perhaps affect the decision.

A stop-smoking tip from our Welwyn hypnosis branch.

It is stating the obvious but using an electric cigarette (yes, electric, not electronic) is still smoking. We regularly hear of people who thought they might be able to switch from smoking real cigarettes to using an e-cigarette, possibly because they thought it is not the same thing, but in an important way it is. Anything you smoke is a delivery method for the drug, nicotine. If you are thinking of booking to see our Welwyn hypnotherapist, she is going to stop you needing to smoke AT ALL, so you should get used to that concept at this stage. That you would even consider smoking an e-cigarette means you have a fear of stopping, which all smokers do, and you probably didn't know it but that is precisely what our hypnotist in Welwyn is going to help you to resolve, so in fact you can stop worrying.

Is NSSC better than other hypnotists in Welwyn Garden City?

We are of course better than many, but we can't say we're the best, partly because there is no way of comparing us with other Welwyn hypnotists and partly because what does better or best mean anyway? We set high standards for therapy, standards that are constantly monitored at every branch, so you can be sure our Welwyn hypnotist is not only as good as any you will find but she is regularly assessed for the quality of the service she provides as part of the NSSC team.
It isn't possible to compare services for smoking cessation in Welwyn provided by the NHS with therapy, because therapy, by definition, will always work better than pharmaceutical products. Every Welwyn hypnotist has this advantage to start with.

If you are looking for the National Health Service in Welwyn, and have come to this page, please note that the NHS is unable to provide stop-smoking therapy, whereas of course we do. However, here are some further resources for stopping smoking in Hertfordshire:

For a list of other Hertfordshire stop-smoking resources visit Stop Smoking UK.

To compare our service with other acupuncturists in Welwyn, go to the British Acupuncture Council's website. However, most acupuncturists do not have this speciality, so you might find that our service is the only one in your area.

If you don't believe that therapy works better than pharmaceutical products, you can get nicotine replacement products (NRPs) at any pharmacy or even supermarket, but if you want to take Champix, which is a much more serious product, you will have to get a prescription. Ask your GP, or contact:

Smokefree Hertfordshire 0800 389 3998


We find many smokers are heavy drinkers. We are now part of The Doctor Richard Mackarness Foundation. whose primary service is Addiction Management Centres for alcohol. This is a new service being developed throughout the UK during 2017 - 2018. For some preliminary information, and location of the Centre closest to Welwyn: click here.
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