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NSSC AfterCare

When you join any NSSC programme‚ we want to look after you long-term‚ to make sure you stay stopped‚ and to help you again if you make a mistake.

Our whole approach to stopping smoking is that it is a process‚ and during that process you may need help. This is a major difference between National Stop Smoking Centres' programmes and the drugs the NHS gives out.

As soon as you have been for your appointment you will receive through the post your AfterCare pack detailing how to use the service‚ including a questionnaire we would like returned – this is the way we monitor the quality of the service our therapists provide.

AfterCare works differently depending on which programme you are in. Whichever therapy you have had, you will be vulnerable to cigarettes at times in your new life, and we are here to talk you through this – to talk you out of danger if you haven't smoked, and to get you back on course if you have. We are very experienced at this kind of work, so you should never think that if you smoke it means we can't help you, because we almost always can. And we will spend as much time with you as you need, as often as you need.

We will normally call you the day after your hypnotherapy session, or at least within a couple of days. There may be questions you have at this stage, and we can look at how you are getting on and whether we need to repeat the treatment. If you are in a two-session hypnotherapy programme (we do this in some branches), we will want also to assess what residual issues there are that our hypnotherapist needs to know about.

Our acupuncture programme is a gradual way of stopping smoking, with from two to four treatments, depending on the branch you attend. Between treatments, we will want to talk with you on the phone to assess what progress you have made and what preparation we want to advise you to do before your next session. Following your final treatment we will want to discuss with you a long-term strategy for staying stopped, and getting stopped again if necessary.

In this therapy, as well as the ten-year counselling and support service we provide you may need to request a further supply of your neutrogen, and this is available throughout this period in case you do ever start smoking again and need to go back on it.


NSSC AfterCare membership is free, and it gives you unlimited access to qualified counsellors‚ as much as you want, so do use it.

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